Being in love

What being in love is like is, to me, like eating a really good pizza that never ends. To quote Grey’s Anatomy, “you’re my person” is a great way to describe someone. To feel full, happy, loved is something I hope everyone can experience in their life. There is nothing like having that one person […]

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Mary Jane

Oh marijuana. In the US, weed has become something that in some states in legal, others it is medically legal, others it is still illegal. Across the country it is one of the most used drugs out there. I know many people who smoke who use it on the daily. But what I think many […]

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That feeling when..

That feeling when you don’t want to get out of bed, when all you want to do is lay in the dark under a blanket, when all you want to do is just sleep forever. Many people have hit this time in their life. It’s called depression. Depression affects many people in many ways shape […]

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What my trauma has taught me

This time of year is the time of year for family, friends, joy, and generally being kind to others of every walk of life. It is a time of year when we reflect on ourselves and our lives and look at what we are thankful for everyday. For some it is their health or achievements […]

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An open love letter

To: You From: Me Oh my sweet pumpkin, how I love you. I think about you constantly day and night, wondering what you are doing, what you are thinking, if you are happy. I think about all of our memories so far, how happy you make me, how you give me butterflies every time I […]

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Home is where your heart is as they always say. Home is a place you feel comfortable, where you can truly be yourself with no bounds and no judgement. Home is where you find comfort, passion, inspiration. Home can be a place anywhere in the world for you, full of memories good and bad, happy […]

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Kane. Kane is my dog, a three and a half year-old black lab, terrier mix. A forty-five pound ball of energy, joy, and curiosity in spades. He’s my best friend, four-legged love of my life, my baby. Kane is my first dog in my life. I have always had cats, I have a few guinea […]

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