Let’s Get Real

Let’s get real for a minute guys. Trump is an idiot. Not just an idiot, a rich, white idiot. The bill he was attempting to pass earlier, that WOW didn’t happen, so shocked, would be the WORST thing for US as a country.

Some of you saw me debating with a gentleman that has never met me telling me how to live my life. MINE. Not his, mine. The older white male population is incredibly privileged at this point. They are targeting minorities in low income areas to keep running up bills on the tax payers dime.

I am a 21 year old who pays taxes, yet someone was telling me I don’t have any rights? The hell you mean? If I want to drink, smoke, own a gun, do what ever I want, I can. There’s this awesome thing called the Constitution that someone wrote in 1776 for this EXACT reason.

We all know that the minute he started running that shit would hit the fan, yet the MAGA group saw him as a “quick fixer.”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

He has no true funding, he has no actual backbone, and he loosing his own game right now. But, let’s be realistic. History repeats it’s self. Nixon, Clinton, etc. are all AMAZING examples of this.

I was very fortunate to have grown up in a fantastic area with amazing public schools. I have a great foundation and up bringing because of this. I saw all the kids being bussed in from the city to the suburbs ALL the time. Some having to leave for school at 4 a.m. others having to rely on other people, such as teachers, in order to succeed.

These are the same kids that fell through the cracks as soon as they were born. My own high school teachers would have to harass parents and students constantly to get something done, and they HATED it. They were too busy to be able to put their feet in the 150+ students shoes all the time. They all did their best but their best still wasn’t enough.

The main issue we have right now is crime, violence, drugs, and the police literally not doing anything and being lazy. The paper work is too much so instead of taking unsafe people off the streets, that they all know, they release them. And thus the cycle begins again.

I give every single cop, military and government official the utmost respect as people. They are all their own people just doing their best and thats whats being lost in translation. People need to help people out.

Eminem was a front runner of this with his music. All the old school rappers KNOW what the streets are like and can put themselves in the shoes of MILLIONS of people at any given time. It doesn’t matter what generation you’re from, Baby Boomers to Millennials, we HAVE to be in this together.

Millennials are trying to clean up the mess that has been made in the last 3 years. We’ve been getting educations and learning and watching. We’re doing our best to work on it! Obama did the BEST set up for us, yet we keep back tracking due to everyone not agreeing on politics now a days. You bet your butt every time I see someone wearing a MAGA hat I gag. I immediately judge people, which isn’t right, but I do. First impressions are everything. They never go away and you can never get them back.

I truly wish everyone in my life, past or present, the best in life. Honestly. But I am soooo sick of seeing the Cheetoo man on TV. He isn’t news. He’s almost dead. Ignore him and eventually he’ll either die or age out of office soon enough. Focus on work, school, family whatever it is. Keep pushing. Know that there’s and ENTIRE country suffering along side with you.

Abuse is common. Drugs are common. Addition is common. Mental illnesses are common and very much under diagnosed. “Life sucks and then you die,” except lets make it “Life sucks until the next chapter comes around.”

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