In 5 years…

I like to image where I’m going to be in 5 years. I like to think about who I’ll be, who will be in my life, what I’ll be doing, what I will have accomplished. I think having goals, big and small, important and non-important, are cool to think about and important to have. Having something to work for gives your life a purpose. It gives you something to keep in mind while making choices everyday, every week, every month. 

I have small goals that to some may seem very unimportant. I have ideas and details picked out for the most meaningless things in my life that I will have to come across. For example, I know that I want a small powder room in my house with Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore on the walls and a Bath and Body works Wallflowers for every season. I know that I want to have a yellow Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer with the attachment to make pasta on. These are small details that I think about and want to obtain. I am nowhere near the point of having my own place anytime soon, but I have small goals for it. 

I have small goals for my life now as well. I would like to get my dog a Christmas collar will a bell on it soon. I would like to get on a fitness routine and stick to it, like I have done in the past. I would like to learn how to cook more difficult dishes that I can continue making in the future. 

Motivation comes to mind while thinking of these smaller goals. Getting yourself to even start doing the things to get your goals in motion and move you closer to them can be the hardest part of attaining them. The first step is to do, and as my therapist and Nike have said before, “Just do it.” Easier said than done, but is very doable. Getting in the car and going to the gym is hard, getting on the stair master is hard, pushing yourself to run faster and longer is hard; but at them end of your workout you feel the progress, you feel your accomplishment is worth it. Thats what I try and keep in mind when trying to start doing anything. 

Focus is also a key component to attain your goals. If you want to be a lawyer but can’t get the readings and homework done because you can’t focus, mean you won’t meet your goal sometimes. It can set you back farther and farther until it is almost unattainable. Sometimes there is an actual reason why you can’t focus. Examples include having a personal problem, thinking about other things in your life at the time you’re trying to focus, and sometimes its even an actual wiring problem in your brain. Some people can’t focus no matter what they do because they simple can’t get their brain on track of where it needs to be. I was one of those people and was recently put on a low dose of medication to help, and let me tell you it has helped in spades. It doesn’t help my motivation aspect, but once I get started I can at least focus longer now. 

I have goals that I think I can attain within the next year or two. I would like to volunteer for different programs, I would like to lose some weight, I would like to run a 5k. I have goals for my relationship, for work, for school, a whole list of things that I would like to do and believe I can do. I think I can accomplish the 5k, I think I can get into a good program for school, I think I can get a good internship somewhere that will help me down the road. 

I think a key to having goals and attaining them in the future are setting smaller ones within that goal that are easy to do. Say you want to write a novel. You would start with an idea, make an outline, do a certain number of chapters you do each day, all of this leading up to your big goal of writing a novel. Having small stuff on your everyday todo list that are east make you feel accomplished and make you want to keep going and do what you have to do. 

My 5 year goals are bigger, better, but much harder to do. I would like to attend and be close to finishing law school, I would like to have started working towards a good career at a law firm, I would like to have a plan and a little savings put away so I can have my own home at some point. I don’t plan for these every single day. I think about them often, I try my best in school, I put a little money away from each of my checks, all in hope of one day attaining these goals. I’m sure that there will be something that comes up in my future. Something unplanned that I can’t account for and puts me behind a bit, but I try not to think about those too often, but I do try and emotionally prepare myself for those situations. 

Everyone has their own goals, their own dreams, their own desires in life. Having goals to get to those dreams is important. You can’t sit and dream all day, you have to take action, you have to push yourself, you have to find your motivation. My motivation for my future is the fact that one day I would like a family, I would like a house, I would like to be stable; these are the things that on my toughest days keep me going. I encourage everyone in my life to try and set any kind of goal they can, it makes like more interesting, more fun. Setting goals can be challenging, but it’s never too late to start and try. 

One thought on “In 5 years…

  1. Beautiful article! What is important is you have a goal and a plan how to attain it. Making a plan is like reading a book from the end backwards. Like a fairy tale story end: “and they live happily ever after”. How did they arrived at this final stage of their lives? By looking back, you will know what to do by stages. It can be big or small stages. What is important is you are moving towards your goal one small or big step at a time. Placing a date when to achieve each one of these is a milestone and must be dowable. What ever happens, you must focus on your goal. The things happening in your life are either will help you attain your goal or set you back. Learn to distinguish the things that will set you back and let them go. Impress yourself by attaining each steps towards your goal. Good luck!

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