Hate and Discrimination

Going on in the news currently are many articles talking about the recent synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh where eleven people were killed, including a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor. Hearing stories like this frequently, almost weekly it seems like, break my heart each and every time. I think of all of the families who lost a beloved member of their family, how they will have to go through holidays without them, how the situation is being played out in the media right in front of their eyes over and over. I never understand it as someone who could never fathom doing such a horrificĀ thing to other human beings.

At the end of the day our internal make up is the same, we are not made to fit a form of what society wants us to be. So for someone to kill others based on what they believe is down right sickening to me. Just because someone is a part of a race, religion, sexual orientation, doesn’t make them a bad person. Just because someone doesn’t agree with your political beliefs, your propaganda, or even if they don’t fit in with how you were raised within your household, means nothing at the end of the day.

Us humans have emotions, sometimes such strong ones that they cloud all of our moral compasses, and those emotions turn to physical actions. Some have mental illnesses that aren’t treated that push them to the extreme with their emotions faster than normal, and they have no fear or moral compass because of it. Whatever the reasoning may be, killing others should never be the reason.

When school shooting occur because someone was bullied to the extreme, because they truly felt alone in a huge school, because they had no escape at home, we think and mourn the young lives lost, but then do nothing to prevent them happening in the future. Middle schools, high schools, colleges, even elementary schools have shootings or some act of violence in the US weekly. It is ungodly how many young adults die, yet there are no heightened awareness or preparedness in schools.

Guns are readily accessible now a days, for adults and then in turn youth. They use their aggression and over emotion to act out and hurt others. They never talk out their issues, they sometimes don’t show warning signs, they sometimes are the quietest kid in the room. These people need help, care, attention to make sure that they are okay and that they can channel their emotion in other ways.

Discrimination towards others is, for me, the most sickening. The fact that someone can be so focused on their hate for a group of people baffles me to this day. I am not old, or wise, or have a lot of experience, but I do know enough that these are the people who should be in jail, should be on a watch list to make sure they don’t hurt anyone.

What we refer to as the Neo-Nazi’s or KKK Members, the more common groups, are pure hate and I think are built on some level of evilness. Many people in these groups are proud of their status. They let people know. It might have been hate they grew up hearing, it might be something they learned on their own, but they are certain all people of that group are bad for whatever reason. Our president and many people in office representing our country have the views that this is normal, this is how we are, and that nothing really needs to be changed in anyway.

I think that is incorrect in so many ways. We need to better ourselves, we need to figure out how to keep our people safe, we need to understand where the hate is coming from and find a way to put up walls to prevent the hurt coming out. I personally don’t understand how you can hate an entire group of people, for almost virtually no reason. I can understand disliking someone for something they did, or for something that said, but to go after an entire group of people for the sole reason of not liking their skin color is ridiculous.

The hate and discrimination is something that, unfortunately, is in our history as a country. We need to learn from these mistakes and not let history repeat itself. We need to get control of the hate, to make sure it doesn’t translate to something greater. Our country was founded on the idea that anyone can be who they want, but what I think we forget or don’t think of enough, is that they never meant to take those beliefs and hurt others. We were founded on the idea that anyone can come here and have a fresh start not matter what their skin color, religion, or beliefs may be.

Hearing story after story of people being killed or shot or hurt because of who they are is getting to be a lot. I feel like that’s all we report on; the hate. What about the good? What about the happy stories of love and happiness? The media brings our country across as a bunch of nut jobs who constantly kill each other to other countries. That’s all they report on. My understanding is they do that for the reader ship and to gain viewers. Discrimination is famous because of the media. Hate is famous for the same reason. We need to be sending more love than hate into the world, not the other way around.

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