Being in love

What being in love is like is, to me, like eating a really good pizza that never ends. To quote Grey’s Anatomy, “you’re my person” is a great way to describe someone. To feel full, happy, loved is something I hope everyone can experience in their life. There is nothing like having that one person […]

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That feeling when..

That feeling when you don’t want to get out of bed, when all you want to do is lay in the dark under a blanket, when all you want to do is just sleep forever. Many people have hit this time in their life. It’s called depression. Depression affects many people in many ways shape […]

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An open love letter

To: You From: Me Oh my sweet pumpkin, how I love you. I think about you constantly day and night, wondering what you are doing, what you are thinking, if you are happy. I think about all of our memories so far, how happy you make me, how you give me butterflies every time I […]

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Hate and Discrimination

Going on in the news currently are many articles talking about the recent synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh where eleven people were killed, including a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor. Hearing stories like this frequently, almost weekly it seems like, break my heart each and every time. I think of all of the families who lost a beloved […]

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Pick yourself up

As someone with generalized depression and anxiety, I have been in the dark place of my brain many times. We all have bad mental days; those days you don’t want to get out of bed, do anything, and just lay there. But what are the ways you pull yourself out? What do you do? Going […]

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In 5 years…

I like to image where I’m going to be in 5 years. I like to think about who I’ll be, who will be in my life, what I’ll be doing, what I will have accomplished. I think having goals, big and small, important and non-important, are cool to think about and important to have. Having […]

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