Hate and Discrimination

Going on in the news currently are many articles talking about the recent synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh where eleven people were killed, including a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor. Hearing stories like this frequently, almost weekly it seems like, break my heart each and every time. I think of all of the families who lost a beloved […]

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Pick yourself up

As someone with generalized depression and anxiety, I have been in the dark place of my brain many times. We all have bad mental days; those days you don’t want to get out of bed, do anything, and just lay there. But what are the ways you pull yourself out? What do you do? Going […]

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We all have fears. We are born with them, they grow with us, they define what makes us truly afraid. Where they come from is based on who we are, what we’ve been through, what we have experienced in our life. They can be big, they can be small, they can be real, they can […]

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In 5 years…

I like to image where I’m going to be in 5 years. I like to think about who I’ll be, who will be in my life, what I’ll be doing, what I will have accomplished. I think having goals, big and small, important and non-important, are cool to think about and important to have. Having […]

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Gut feelings

Knowing what to do in situations where you aren’t 100% sure of what is going on can be something difficult to do. Different thoughts start racing through your head at what seems like the speed of light. “How will this affect me?” “Will I get hurt?” “What if I do the wrong thing and hurt […]

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